Thursday, 28 May 2020

New Release! Baby Makes Three, Epic Love Series Book 2 by Carrie Davis Read in #KindleUnlimited #gay #mm #gayromance #mmromance #gayfiction #manlove #gayromreads #lgbt #MMFiction #mmromreads #gayfic #ku @author_carrie

New Release!

Baby Makes Three, Epic Love Series Book 2 by Carrie Davis
Read in #KindleUnlimited

First comes love, then comes...two men and a baby carriage?

Three years after making their dreams come true, Matthew and Dexter are happily married and living in New York. But just as they're about to embark on a special weekend, their world turns upside down when Matthew's sister and her husband are killed in a horrific accident.

Now the legal guardians of Matthew's nine-month-old niece, the changes in their lives are hard enough, but if Dexter and Matthew want to move forward as a family, they’ll need to learn to deal with old pain, fresh grief, and new responsibilities.

Friday, 3 April 2020

Cover Reveal & Preorder for Hate To Love You by Carrie Davis #gayromance #mmromance #gayfiction #manlove #gayromreads #lgbt #preorder #MMFiction #mmromreads #gayfic @author_carrie

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Hate To Love You, Epic Love Series, Book One, debut Gay Romance book for Carrie Davis is now available for preorder!

Universal: Coming Soon!

He loves him, he loves him not...
Oh who is he kidding, he can't live without him.

Dexter McKenna is the man Matthew Sullivan both loves and hates. He's outgoing and athletic, the kind of guy Matthew's father always wanted him to be. And, he's the last person Matthew wants to see at his sister's wedding. While undeniably attracted to Dexter, Matthew still resents him for his father's constant comparisons.

When Matthew finds out Dexter is equally interested in him, it forces him to overcome his painful past so he can move forward with his future.

About The Author
Carrie Davis lives in Florida, where it’s needlessly hot and the mosquitoes are the size of hummingbirds. 
She requires caffeine to be a reasonably functional adult. Yes, reasonably functional is as good as it gets. 

Carrie might have a small addiction to buying books, so if she's not writing, she's reading, and when she's not reading, she is happily spoiling her nephews, Zachary and Isaiah, and her dog, Remington.

Carrie Davis crafts contemporary gay male romance with plenty of angst, but her men always get their happily ever after.

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Wednesday, 25 March 2020

New Release! Lucas by Jamie Morgan #manlove #mmromance #gayfiction #ku #kindleunlimited #gayromance #lgbt #gayromreads

Who knew there was so much to love in an art museum?

In his position as a guard at the McMaster Museum of Fine Art, Devon Donaldson's special joy is to be alone at night within its hallowed halls. Just him and the art. So peaceful.

When artist and photographer, Lucas Abbott, interrupts his nightly routine with last minute details for his show, Devon never expects to connect intimately with the man over their mutual love of art. Of course, the last thing he ever imagined is that he'd end up part of that art on the walls.

Monday, 16 March 2020

New Release! Available in #ku #gaymalereads #lgbt #gayfiction #fratboys #collegeboys #hazing #kindleunlimited

New Release! Available in #ku

The U of C campus is a veritable smorgasbord...

Colton Williams, his best friend, Jesse, and their frat house pal, Tiberius (Tibby), currently form the Delta Lambda Phi chapter on the University of California campus.

When Tibby's childhood friend, Thomas Tucker, shows up on campus, he fast becomes the new recruit of interest for the frat house boys. Tibby will take a special pleasure in hazing in his long time buddy with the house's special brand of initiation.

Is Thomas up for his three on one intro to Delta Lambda Phi, and can Tibby convince him to permanently join the boys club?

Saturday, 21 December 2019

New Release from Steph Brothers! #gaymale #manlove #lgbtq #manonman #gayfiction #gayerotica #samesex #mmreads @Steph_Brothers

Six years into their marriage, Brennan is as besotted as ever with his wife, Maxine. So, it pains him like hell that his mojo has evaporated, and he’s been reduced to watching her work solo.
But when Maxine describes her latest stroke fantasy—being taken hard by a huge group of anonymous men—suddenly something clicks in Brennan’s mind. And when he imagines himself in that very same fantasy, it gets him tingling in all kinds of places.

Sunday, 15 December 2019

New Release from Steph Brothers! #gaymale #manlove #lgbtq #manonman #gayfiction #gayerotica

When these guys get male delivery, it ain’t a typo! Which is something they find out the…hard way.
Whether it’s for revenge, for money, or just for kicks, these three short, incendiary man-on-man stories have all the muscle, and none of the fat!

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

New Release! The Boys Next Door by Jamie Morgan! #mmm #gay #gaymale #gaymalefiction #samesex #queer #menage #threesome #collegestudents #comingofage

New Release!

When Soren moves into his new apartment on the outskirts of the University of California campus, he is looking for a new start. Having run from his hometown after rumors his ex spread about their deviant sex life, and the pain of the break up, he isn't interested in hooking up with anyone. Or so he thought.

He is surprised to so quickly and easily strike up a conversation with the sexy-as-sin guy next door. Zach invites him over for dinner and to meet his roommate, Joel. 

Soren finds out Zach and Joel have been experimenting with each other, and want him to join in on their fun and games. Should he take the golden opportunity for a triple man play time with no expectations and no strings attached, or walk away until his broken heart is mended?