Sunday, 16 March 2014

My Cuckold Hubby: Training Period (Cuckold Hubby Series) by Jamie Morgan

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WARNING: ADULTS ONLY! This book contains explicit sexual content including: femdom, oral sex, anal sex, cuckold, BDSM, ass worship and rimming, cunnilingus, orgasm control, domination, submission, spanking, domestic discipline, humiliation and more.

This story does contain a HFN ending and an opening for the next book in the Cuckold Hubby series. Watch for Book Two in My Cuckold Hubby: Meeting The Female Supremacist, coming soon!

Alan has a fantasy of being a cuckold husband to his wife. He revels in the degradation and humiliation found in his online websites and is jealous of the men who are lucky enough to live this lifestyle. He doesn’t have the balls to tell his wife that it’s what he truly wants, mostly because he isn’t sure it’s more then just a dream.

Traci dreams of being with other men, more sexually satisfying men than her husband can ever be. She remains with her husband, dreaming of a real orgasm that is not derived from just oral sex, but from a big, hard dick instead.

Both Traci and Alan never speak of their desires for the first six years of their marriage, afraid of what the other might think. But their marriage has grown stale. Alan thinks he is to blame – he can’t satisfy his wife in bed. He finds his relief in cuckold fantasies online while his wife sleeps. She finds hers in the arms of her affairs, but hates the dishonestly required in going behind her husband’s back.

One fateful night, when Traci finds Alan’s stash of fetish porn in the history on their computer, she begins a process that will change both of their lives forever; or so she hopes. Traci isn’t content to let her or Alan’s fantasy remain just that and begins to train her husband to be her “cuckold hubby”.

A rich tale of, lust, chastity, cuckold slavery and acceptance.


J.D. Morgan and Jamie Morgan are a writer with a passion for the BDSM submissive lifestyle that is incorporated into many orientations of erotic romance and erotica. We write in an effort to share the naughtier side of men desires in the bedroom. 

J.D. focuses primarily on GBLTQ works so far but has recently begun branching out into some of the other sub-genres in an effort to remain diverse in this ever-changing world of digital erotic reading.

J.D is not afraid to bring forth men's stories in a sometimes humorous, but always kinky way, for many to enjoy the wilder side of their insatiable nature for sex.
BDSM and the sensual side of the love for lifestyle intimacy is not just for m/f, although many believe it is. 

And thus, with that expansion in diversity, a new life was formed...enter Jamie Morgan, the writer of the more erotic romance side of things and the HFN or HEA's that will always be found in our erotic romance works.

Jamie will attempt to portray the romantic involvement behind the submissive man's role in a D/s relationship, and , how even as a cuck they do things for the love of their Mistress. This makes these men happy in a world where many think it's all about spanking and domination. It's not. Many can dominate through love, sensuality and yes, sometimes a little humiliation.