Wednesday, 11 March 2015

5 Star Review of Xavier - Bestselling Gay Male Paranormal Erotic Romance

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5 Star Review of "Xavier" by Bestselling Gay and Transgender Romance Authors J.S Morbius and J.D. Morgan

Currently #59 in Bestselling Gay & Lesbian on Amazon, and a release day bestseller on All Romance Ebooks, this sizzling gay romance has taken the readers by storm. Comments range from "Absolutely Amazing" to "Masters of Erotica"! Get your copy now before the price goes back up!

Isaac instantly becomes intrigued with a handsome man he notices across the room at the club. Turns out, this man has certainly noticed Isaac, and has been watching him the entire night. Too bad he's disappeared before Isaac could make a move. 
For the next few weeks the man seems show up everywhere Isaac is, constantly watching him. The more he sees the mysterious stranger, the deeper his interest becomes. Oddly, every time Isaac makes a move toward the mystifying stranger, he vanishes from view, almost as if he were a ghost. 

Xavier Kane has been searching for centuries for someone just like Isaac. Someone he could spend his life with, share his dreams with, and eventually, continue the bloodline. He sets off a little game of cat and mouse, designed to tempt Isaac into getting to know him. Xavier Kane isn’t an ordinary man, though, and he hides a big secret until the very end. 

Will his deception be the end of Isaac and Xavier's budding love, or will Isaac give in to the promises made for love eternal?

What does the future hold for Isaac and Xavier?