Wednesday, 25 March 2020

New Release! Lucas by Jamie Morgan #manlove #mmromance #gayfiction #ku #kindleunlimited #gayromance #lgbt #gayromreads

Who knew there was so much to love in an art museum?

In his position as a guard at the McMaster Museum of Fine Art, Devon Donaldson's special joy is to be alone at night within its hallowed halls. Just him and the art. So peaceful.

When artist and photographer, Lucas Abbott, interrupts his nightly routine with last minute details for his show, Devon never expects to connect intimately with the man over their mutual love of art. Of course, the last thing he ever imagined is that he'd end up part of that art on the walls.

Monday, 16 March 2020

New Release! Available in #ku #gaymalereads #lgbt #gayfiction #fratboys #collegeboys #hazing #kindleunlimited

New Release! Available in #ku

The U of C campus is a veritable smorgasbord...

Colton Williams, his best friend, Jesse, and their frat house pal, Tiberius (Tibby), currently form the Delta Lambda Phi chapter on the University of California campus.

When Tibby's childhood friend, Thomas Tucker, shows up on campus, he fast becomes the new recruit of interest for the frat house boys. Tibby will take a special pleasure in hazing in his long time buddy with the house's special brand of initiation.

Is Thomas up for his three on one intro to Delta Lambda Phi, and can Tibby convince him to permanently join the boys club?